Sue it App . Application for Legal Tech . UX and UI Design

Sue it is an app that promotes out-of-court settlements between dissatisfied consumers and businesses. The application allows the consumer to go from the registration of the complaint to the quick intermediation of extra-judicial agreements. Through photos, videos, screen prints and messages exchanged with the company, the consumer proves their complaint and the lawyers proceed with the contact and attempt to reach an agreement with the company.

Development: Abacomm


Development of a hybrid app for Android and IOS


Visual Identity and Illustrations



Understand and simplify the entire process necessary to file a complaint and provide evidence to lawyers


Consider accessibility for different levels of technological literacy.


Create an identity for the application that conveys trust and seriousness to the user.

Lucid Chart






Adobe Illustrator

My Role

User Character Design


User Flow Design


Low Fidelity Wireframe Design and High Fidelity Prototypes for Testing


Interface Design


Brand Creation, Visual Identity and Character

User personas

Through customer interviews and surveys on complaints and customer service websites, I designed the personas for the app. The clients were lawyers and had extensive experience in dealing with cases of disrespect for consumer rights. His expert vision helped shape early scenarios for personas. Research on complaints and customer service websites helped to understand how consumers behave when frustrated with a purchase or service. As the demographic profile was so vast, we focused on the user's feelings and frustrations with the problem that would lead to downloading the app.

User Flows

I designed UX flows to determine key functionality, inputs, and user interactions with the app. The flows detailed all the steps necessary for the user to go from the complaint to the closing of the out-of-court settlement, offering an overview of the project scope. This helped to identify where the biggest obstacles for the user within the application would be and plan the interfaces accordingly.


Based on preliminary research, personas and user flows, I performed several iterations with clients and the development team to design the solution's wireframes. I started with Low Fidelity Wireframes to validate the flow of screens, data fields and app information. With the low-fidelity wireframes, we made funcional versions to test the usability of the interface proposal.

Application Navigation Examples