"Amigo não se compra" NGO . Mobile First Website . UI Design

"Amigo can't be bought" is an NGO that helps animal caretakers find new homes for rescued animals. They needed a redesign of the website, considering the principle of "Mobile First". The new interface makes it easier to search and emphasizes photos of the animals, in order to encourage adoption. In addition, the registration process for a new animal has been simplified to 4 steps and caregivers are encouraged to post lots of cute photos and videos of the animal.
This was voluntary work.


Redesign of the website of the NGO "Amigo não se Compra" for a "Mobile first" version





Adobe Illustrator


Facilitate the search and viewing of photos and videos of animals


Facilitate the registration of the profile of caregivers and the inclusion of photos and videos of rescued animals




Modify the registration template to allow the use of the user's phone number



My Role

UI Design for the mobile version, considering the "Mobile First" principle


Adapting the interface for display on desktops and tablets

User Flow for the Registration of Animals for Adoption

Caregivers gained easy and quick access to their animals registered in the side menu. The entire pet registration flow for adoption has been simplified to 4 steps, making it easy to add information, include smartphone gallery photos and YouTube videos.